Ascea Marina is located in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano UNESCO heritage since 1998. Named during the Magna Gaecia period, Elea was the location of an important school of philosophy led by Parmenides. The mediterranean diet proposed since 1945 by Ancel Keys, has its roots in the diet of Cilento inhabitants.

How to get to Ascea Marina:
1- By flight to International airport of Naples (Napoli-Capodichino, NAP) and then train to Ascea Marina Station (2 hours)
2- By High Speed Train (FrecciaRossa or Italo) to Salerno station and then regional train to Ascea Marina station (1 hour)
3- During summer time some FrecciaRossa stop at Ascea Marina Station
4- By car motorway up to Battipaglia and then regional route